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Site by Jenny Last Update 13/2/2017
These links are for those who have been affected by brain tumours in any capacity and to help guide you and to be useful in navigating the brain tumour world. Brain Tumour Ahoy Facebook page Brain Tumour Ahoy closed Facebook support group Brain Tumour Ahoy Twitter Driving and seizures information for Victoria Australia: Vicroads Epilepsy Foundation Brain Tumour Alliance Australia This site has great information on most brain tumour related subjects and resources. They have a FREE peer support (not medical advice) phone number that you can call: 1800 857 221 (only free from landlines not mobiles). You can also request a FREE Primer for Brain Tumours to be mailed out to you (one copy per patient/family) and they also provide a paediatric brain tumour handbook. The hand book is customised for families with a child diagnosed with a brain tumour. Brain Link Is based in Melbourne Australia and is a state wide service that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people affected by conditions of the brain & provides support to their families. Best Cancer Sites A fabulous member of BTA Ed Everest has put this guide together that has links to brain cancer websites and to numerous other cancer related websites. Beyond Blue An Australian national depression initiative that includes information and support for depression and anxiety. American Brain Tumour Association Great information and resources. If you email them at they will send you a really great brain tumour information pack. Just to point out how awesome they are they will even send them out to people who live in Australia. The pack includes lots of information and booklets on “How To Live With A brain Tumour”, a brain tumour dictionary which explains technical terms the patient is most likely to hear. International Brain Tumor alliance (IBTA) Australian Government Department Of Human Services A website for health, social and welfare payments and services. And what support payments you may be eligible for, depending on your individual situation. The Peace Of Mind Foundation Based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia this is a wonderful foundation that has brain tumour support group meetings and also offers financial help and practical support. Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund Dedicated and focused on research for paediatric DIPG brain tumours and brainstem tumours. Cancer Council Of Victoria  The Cancer Council has information about brain tumours, diagnosis, caring for someone with a brain tumour, coping and treatments. Redkite  Redkite is an Australian cancer charity providing essential support to children and young people (0-24) with cancer, and the family and support network who care for them. Including financial assistance, bereavement support, information and counselling. Orange Pigeon A unique and special organisation providing special wishes and comforts, giving moments of distraction for seriously ill adults in Australia. Australian Brain Tumour Organisations  Cancer Council Of Victoria - Carers   A link for people who are caring for someone with a brain tumour. With links to support groups, Carers Australia, caring for a child and caring for some with a brain tumour fact sheet that you can down load. Rare Cancers Australia  Rare Cancers Australia is a charity whose purpose is to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common cancers. Beneath The Beanie - Facebook page  A page to share photos of brain tumour scars - beneath the beanie. 