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Brain Tumour Awareness

Just some of the reasons why it is so vital: To educate the general public because they often remain unaware of this disease and its impact. Awareness leads to funding, funding leads to research, research leads to a CURE. How you can help: 1. Spread brain tumour awareness to those you know. Encourage them to check out the BTA website and ‘like’ my BTA Facebook page & twitter. This contains articles with information on brain tumours with statistics and facts on brain tumours. 2. Wear something grey. Because grey is the colour of the brain tumour awareness ribbon. 3. Use #braintumourawareness on Facebook and twitter. 4. Donate to BTA who lovingly supports patients, research and awareness. 5. Spread the word and join in on world brain tumour day July 8th! 6. May is brain tumour awareness month in America and other countries have joined in. BTA would like to make it one of the official brain tumour awareness months in Australia too. And world-wide! Join in on the campaign #gogreyinmay and wear grey proudly in May. 7. Join in and spread the word about brain tumour awareness week 22-29th October and brain cancer action week in Australia 1-7th of May. 8. Hug anyone who is affected by brain tumours!
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