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What is BTA about?

Brain Tumour Ahoy is about the following: Brain tumour awareness. o Raising awareness through BTA merchandise t-shirts, brain tumour awareness jewellery. Taking brain tumours to the streets, reaching people and the general public, talking to the communities and spreading brain tumour awareness and information by having market stalls. Providing on line support. SOME OF THE MAIN REASONS BTA ONLINE SUPORT IS SO VITAL: o you don’t need to be driven/or drive to a support group. Most patients lose their license due to having recently had an operation or having seizures. o You have 24 hrs of support. Clock on and off whenever you want to. o You can be involved as little or as much as you like and all you have to do is type or simply just read what’s on offer. o BTA online can reach people who can’t normally be reached, i.e. people who are living in rural areas etc. o It’s easy! o You don’t have to do your hair, you don’t even have to get dressed if you don’t want to, or even get out of bed for that matter. Bonus!! Sharing brain tumour information articles, tips and tricks. Living with a brain tumour and #braintumourlife. Promoting love, positivity and inspiration in a safe environment. Brain tumours can be a very dark subject so BTA use’s positivity and inspirational stories and quotes to shed some light into the dark. Brain tumour advocacy - Giving people who have been affected by brain tumours a voice. Especially if they can no longer speak for themselves. Brain tumour patient support. Support & information for brain tumour carers, friends and family. Providing practical support for brain tumours by: o  Connecting people to charities that provide practical support like financial assistance, cleaners & in-house care, dog walkers etc. for brain tumour patients. o  BTA creates memes and pictures to help spread brain tumour awareness. Holistic approach which means including the mind, body and soul. Supporting and promoting other brain tumour charities and foundations by: o Sharing their information. o Sharing their fundraisers. Raising money for and donating to other brain tumour charities which include charities that research brain tumours, research childhood brain tumours such as DIPG & charities that provide practical support for people with brain tumours like in-house care and financial help. Collaborating with other brain tumour charities and foundations. BTA is innovative and creative & original. BTA is about networking. Guides you to helpful organisations. o By linking you to like-minded organisations specific to your individual needs. BTA connects people. Early detection. Support & active in the brain tumour community. Supporting the GO Grey In May campaign which was started in America (and now more countries are making May their brain tumour awareness month.) BTA would like to see it nationwide in Australia & worldwide. These are just some of the examples, how BTA is supportive, informative and active in the brain tumour community o by attending brain tumour forums and summits and belonging to many brain tumour groups, foundations and charities around Australia and the world. Brain tumour humour. Humour is a great coping mechanism and it also allows people to use it as an ice breaker to start conversations that would otherwise feel awkward. When I walk around in a BTA “I have a brain tumour..I’m allowed to do weird things!” hoodie, I get so many people coming up to me and starting a conversation about brain tumours that they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing. Better palliative care for young adults who have brain tumours so they don’t have to go into nursing homes. Brain tumour down time, including things not always to do with brain tumours and that lets you have some fun and relief from brain tumours. Brain tumour CURE. Brain tumour research. Brain tumour tips and tricks. Supporting, acknowledging, creating awareness for all 120 brain tumour types including high and low grade and rare brain tumours. A not for profit brain tumour support group run by a person who actually has a brain tumour for people affected by brain tumours. Brain tumour butt kicking. Fundraising for Brain Tumour Ahoy so it can continue to do all of the above and more.  
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