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Keeping Afloat - some things that helped me

I want to provide some information on things that helped me through my brain tumour journey. Please visit this page again soon!  Work in progress, and as many of you will know, sometimes things can take a little longer then they used to when you are living with a brain tumour....
Site by Jenny Last Update 13/2/2017

Book reviews

The Brain That changes Itself By: Norman Doidge An extremely fasinating and interesting book on neuroplasticity. Which is a new scientific discovery showing that the adult brain is not fixed and unchanging. You read about a woman who was born with half a brain that rewired itself to work as a whole; a woman labelled retarded who cured her deficits with brain exercises and now cures those of others; blind people who learn to see; learning disorders cured; IQ's raised; entrenched depression and anxiety disappearing; and life long character traits changed. Only negative comment I have about it is that they mention animal testing a few times and as an animal lover I found this disturbing. You Can Conquer Cancer By: Ian Gawler Prevention and management. Chapters on meditation, stress, relaxation, diet and positive thinking. I have not read it yet but its on my must read list. Sounds great! How Horseshoes Saved My Life. By Rick Franzo An American author who was diagnosed with a life threatening meningioma the size of a hamburger in 2009. His book describes his experiences and reflects on what he went through. He wants you to know that hope is real, it’s a tangible thing that you can wrap your arms around no matter what life throws at you. Contribute your book reviews to this page - Email

My Favourite Juice Recipe

RECIPE: Makes 2 litres  (depending on size of fruit/vegetables.). 2 1/2 kg Carrots 2 Yellow Apples 2 Red Apples 2 Green Apples 1 Beetroot (size of fist) 4 Lemons. EQUIPMENT: 1 Wooden chopping board 1 Sharp knife 1 Juicer (prefer one that is fine enough to juice wheatgrass  - as will not burn the food) 1 Sieve (if prefer to have less pulp, depends on your machine) 1 Large bowl to hold chopped carrots. 1 Large bowl to hold Lemons and Apples 1 Small bowl to hold Beetroot 2 litre Glass Jug/Jars with lid, for juice METHOD: Top and tail carrots Cut Carrots into long strips (as wide as your juicer will take - don't have to peel them) Top and tail Beetroot Peel Beetroot, cut into thin strips Cut Lemons into quarter strips (don't worry about pips) Cut Green Apples - halve then cut into strips (don't worry about the core or pips) Cut Red Apples -  as above Cut Yellow Apples - as above (these are cut last as they go brown quicker, rub them in the lemon juice). Rotate all the ingredients into the juicer - If you place one type of food in completely, then another type - make sure you stir or shake well. Place in fridge this will keep fresh 24 hours. Tip: Buy a glass thermos flask with a lid/cup/strap - to carry with you to work etc. Tip: Take wipes or serviettes too!  Tip: Can add a small slice of Fresh Ginger. Contribute your juice recipes to this page - Email